Natalie D. Cryer

Natalie D. Cryer

  • Principal

Ms. Cryer is a Principal working in the firm’s Dallas, Texas office. She works on all aspects of the firm’s activities and currently sits on the board of two of the firm's portfolio companies. She also currently serves on the board of Spirit of America and as the Vice Chair of Hoover's NextGen Board.

Prior to joining Cambria, Ms. Cryer worked for Accenture as a Senior Analyst involved with Business & Systems Integration. At Accenture, she managed the finances for a $24M software- as-a- service project, developed sales forecasts and managed a $50M sales pipeline for the firm, and advised clients on Big Data product growth opportunities. While getting her MBA, Ms. Cryer also worked for Salt Creek Capital, a private equity firm focused on acquiring smaller operating businesses.

Earlier Ms. Cryer worked for three years as a Research Assistant for former Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleezza Rice. She focused her research on the potential for further democratic development in countries in Africa for Dr. Rice’s book Democracy: Stories from the Long Road to Freedom and assisted Dr. Rice with her two other books, Extraordinary, Ordinary People and No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washington.

Ms. Cryer holds a Bachelor’s degree in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University as well as an MBA with a Certificate in Public Management and Social Innovation from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

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