Cambria's Edge

Cambria’s principals and approach to the private equity business offer advantages both to sellers and managers before a transaction closes and to the firm’s portfolio companies and their management teams after closing:

Principals' Experience:

Cambria’s principals combine hands-on experience — including line and management responsibility — with financial experience built around making long-term investment decisions. They also have extensive experience evaluating business opportunities; negotiating, financing and closing transactions; and providing value-added oversight post-closing. These skills enable Cambria to work effectively at all stages of an investment cycle, while the principals’ networks allow them to identify and access needed human and financial resources at critical junctures.

Relationship with Management:

Believing strongly that the quality and motivation of management are critically important to an investment’s success, Cambria is committed to working only with high caliber executives and to providing creative and meaningful equity-based incentives to management. Moreover, following its investment, Cambria’s principals forge a working partnership with management built around common goals and a constructive dialogue.


Cambria’s principals respond quickly and candidly to opportunities and dedicate the resources necessary to deliver on all commitments they make. Moreover, as substantial shareholders and board members of portfolio companies, the principals themselves remain personally dedicated to generating successful outcomes for those investments.

Principals' Capital:

Because the principals themselves typically provide the majority of the equity capital for a transaction, they can make decisions quickly and without uncertainty as to the sources of capital and the terms on which it would be raised. Moreover, this approach ensures alignment of the principals’ and other shareholders’ interests in the post-acquisition phase.


Entrepreneurs and small business acquisitions require tailored approaches. The principals’ broad experience and emphasis on investing personally allow maximum flexibility in the development of solutions to transaction and business problems.


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