Investment Criteria

Cambria seeks investment and acquisition opportunities which generally meet the following criteria:


  • Cambria equity of up to $5.0 million.
  • Transaction value of up to $25 million.
  • Larger equity requirements and transactions can be accommodated with like-minded co-investors.


  • Industry agnostic, but historical investments include manufacturing, processing, distribution, transportation, resource, service businesses, multi-location healthcare, and Saas. 
  • Stable or growing markets with limited cyclicality.
  • Minimal risk of technological change.
  • Minimal regulatory exposure.


  • Reasonable purchase price.
  • Ability to support prudent leverage, whether financed on a cash flow or asset basis.
  • Minimum annual historical operating earnings (EBIT) of $1 million for new investments.

Investment Horizon

  • Tailored to corporate strategy, but generally holding periods will vary from three to ten years, though we have held select investments for over 20 years.
  • Willing to hold and build positions in attractive companies indefinitely.


  • Equity or quasi-equity securities.
  • Control or shared control positions.
  • Use of proceeds may be for acquisition of an equity stake; debt recapitalization; or acquisitions, capital expenditures or working capital needs.

Business Considerations

  • Sustainable competitive position in a stable or growing market niche.
  • Fundamentally sound operating businesses with a multi-year history of profitability.
  • No startups or substantial turnarounds unless we know well the lead investors.


  • Desire of current management to remain — particularly in key functional roles — is preferred but not required.
  • Willingness of key executives to make personally significant investments where relevant.